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BUZZURRO » Blog Archive » Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Monday, November 20th, 2006 -- J. Doe

Why ? They don’t bark.
Buzzurro and I haved in this apartment for 4 months yet everytime we open our window and the neighbor’s dog smells our scent, whether we are doing anything in the kitchen or with food, he barks. Constantly. If we leave the window open for 2 hours he will bark for 2 hours.

We live in the guesthouse of the house of our landlord. They have 2 dogs. Sometimes the dogs run in the yard. If they happen to be in the yard when the other dog is in his yard, they will bark at each other all night, regardless of the status of our window. Even with the windows closed though the barking sounds get through.

If one of the dogs happens to glance in the window and see us, he will bark. It should be obvious at this point even to the dumbest of dogs that we are not intruders. He has been seeing us/smelling us for months, but no, he bark and barks.
Sometimes the dog sleeps downstairs in a room that is near the hallway to where Buzzurro and I live. If we happen to leave our door open, or venture out into the hallway he will bark his head off and not stop for several minutes after we leave.
Sometimes the dog justs barks his head off and there is no reason.
Last night was was of those nights. I was dead tired and wanted to sleep, but I couldn’t due to that stupid dog barking. I was in my bed and all the doors and windows were closed.
I think I want to get a cat.

9 Responses to “Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs”

  1. Gia {30 comments}

    I loved both my cat and dog but yes have to deal with the dog barking too. one night we went out and come home late, like 4 am. the dog had been barking and my downstairs neighbor let me know. i felt horrible about it and now he uses an anti barking collar when we go out.

  2. Gubatron

    Cats are gay and boring. They’re non-interactive animals, they are not loyal animals.

    I just like the myth that they land of 4 pawns, and when I was a kid I had a lot of fun throwing cats up in the air and twisting them so they wouldn’t live up to that myth.

    Cats are gay, I hate them

  3. J.Doe {159 comments}

    I wish more people used an anti barking collar. Last night someone decided to take their dog for a walk. I could tell it was far away, but the stupid dog barked and barked anyway. Even 30 minutes after the fact. He probably needs more than a collar though. Maybe a dog psychiatrist?

  4. Cyn {46 comments}

    Wishing you both a very Happy Thanksgiving from THIS side of the pond. Have a great day! Auguri e buona festa!

    Cyndi, Danilo, Opus and Roscoe who ALL agree that yes, cats are MUCh better than dogs!

  5. expatraveler {17 comments}

    Did you know that dogs don’t hear themselves bark. Their ear canal closes and so they can’t hear all that noise they make. That’s also why they go crazy when they hear their own bark..

    We’ve got a dog and cat with friends and they are both wild… I guess cats are great if you aren’t alergic. Or you can buy that $3000 cat! :) I’m still undecided… travel or pets…

  6. J.Doe {12 comments}

    I wish MY ear canal closed when the dogs in this area bark!
    I didn’t know that dogs can’t hear themselves when they bark, but can’t they feel the vibrations of their vocal chords?
    Dogs are dumb.

  7. Ray {33 comments}

    A modest proposal. Shoot the dogs. They will go to doggie heaven and you will be in earthly heaven. :lol:

  8. Shelley - At Home in Rome {2 comments}

    Sounds like having a new baby or something. Yikes. I have two cats that are the best of both worlds. They don’t bark or make a bunch of noise, but they are super interactive and loyal like dogs, following us into every room and rolling over so we can rub their tummies. We call them the can-gatti. ;-)

  9. Linda

    I’m a dog lover but I live in an apartment on the 4th floor without an elevator and I can’t face doing the walk thing twice a day or more. There is not that problem with a cat although I do cuss it when lugging the kitty litter up the stairs.
    My ex husband was awakened at 4 AM by a dog barking once and got out of bed and into the car and drove around until he found the dog, got the address, came home and was able, somehow, to get the phone number of the dog’s owners. He phoned them and woke them up. They claimed not to hear it. I guess they didn’t. At least no one will ever call me up and ask me to shut my cat up.

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