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Tuesday, January 9th, 2007 -- J. Doe


I just spent the worst night of my life at the XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Inn.

Over the weekend I made a reservation on your internet site to stay the night of XXXXXXXXXXXX at your hotel. My husband and I called in the morning of XXXXXXXXXXXX, and told whoever answered the phone that we would definitely be there, but we will arrive late, at around 9 PM. We did arrive at 9 PM. The women at the front desk told us which room was ours and we went there. That was not the problem.

It was freezing cold that evening. It was around 11 degrees Fahrenheit outside and it was the exact same temperature inside the room. I quickly called the front desk and asked for a warmer room and she informed me of your policy to not turn on the heat for unreserved rooms. She also said that all rooms would be the same since no rooms are heated without occupants to turn on the heaters. This is the problem!

Not only did we have confirmed reservations paid for by a credit card, I called that morning and told whoever answered the phone that I would be arriving at 9 PM. Therefore I think that the heat should have been on in my room so I did not have to enter a freezing cold room.

The girl at the front desk assured me that the heater would work quickly to heat up the room. It didn’t. maybe it would in a room that was 50 degrees, but not 11 ! It was absolutely freezing. After my husband and I turned on the heater, we remained in our gloves, hats and jackets for 45 minutes and just sat around the heater. Finally we looked at the bed. The blankets were light and there was no extra blanket found in the room that even the most horrible hotel offers to their guests. we called up the front desk and then went down to pick up one more thin blanket. The room was not warm at this point, but it was late, so my husband and I just piled into bed, complete in our outerwear and did not wake up until 2 AM when it was hot enough in our room to remove our jackets and gloves.

I have never stayed at a hotel where they do not turn on the heat for rooms that have a confirmed registration. We paid our bill and stayed in the room only because it was too late by then to cancel our reservation, but I do not feel that we got even a fraction of our money’s worth.

J.Doe and

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  1. expatraveler {17 comments}

    Ouch! I sure hope you complained to the front desk on your way out too!

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